How often should I change my air filter?

We recommend changing your air filter in your unit every 30 days to keep the maximum air flow and efficiency.

Why is there water dripping from my ceiling?

Determine where your air handler is in your attic and if its dripping right underneath or around it you should call your HVAC company and tell them you think your condensate line is clogged.

Why is my AC so loud?

If you just noticed your air conditioning unit making a loud sound, turn off the unit and call a professional. Depending on where the noise is will determine if there could be other problems that occur if you leave it on.

Why does my electric bill seem higher than last year?

There could be multiple reasons why the electric bill is higher. Your unit could be running higher amps or could be low on freon. If you notice there is a difference, call a HVAC company to make sure your unit is running how it should.

Why does nothing show up on my thermostat?

There could no power going to it. The breaker in the panel could be tripped. We recommend checking that first. If your breaker isn’t tripped, we recommend checking the batteries in your thermostat. To do this, pull the thermostat off the wall. If you have problems give a HVAC company a call and they can explain it to you.